Bar. Dollin Holt

Bar. Dollin Holt

Founder/CEO, Caprecon Development Foundation
Brief info

Dollin’s passion lies in helping those who are disenfranchised, disempowered and disadvantaged everywhere, with his focus mostly on Africa. Over the years Dollin has been involved in charity work, culminating in the creation of Caprecon Development Foundation in 2007, and its registration as a charitable company in 2010. Caprecon Development Foundation is dedicated to peace-building, humanitarian efforts and consultancy services, including the following:

Capacity Building and Policy Advising,
Poverty Reduction,
Refugee Care and Development Consultancy
Humanitarian psycho-social interventions,
Community Development,
Peace and Human Rights Education
Human Rights Advocacy
Leadership Education and Youth Development.
Dollin and a team of dedicated volunteers work mostly from the United Kingdom, while supporting and empowering local organisations in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and Burundi.

Dollin graduated from the Universities of East London and Bedfordshire with post-graduate degrees in Forced Migration and Refugee Studies (MA), International Human Rights Law (LLM) and Media Representation (MA by Research)

Dollin is widely travelled and lives in Luton in the United Kingdom, where he currently works as an Adviser/Work-Coach for the Department of Works and Pension.

Dollin’s interests and hobbies include writing, philosophy, theology, poetry writing and performance, literature, story-telling for motivation, personal coaching, the martial arts, reading, jazz, world music, percussion-playing, painting, acting, theatre and cinema.

Dollin is a fellow of the following bodies: the Royal Society of Arts, Tom Lantos Institute in Budapest, Institute of Training and Occupational Learning and was a member of the Management Committee, Network for Peace, England. Dollin is, and was a member of the following bodies:

International Bar Association

International Peace Commission

International Peace Research Association

International Association of Conflict Management

Conflict Research Society London

Restorative Justice Council

Institute of Training and Occupational Learning

Institute of Consultants

Institute of Leadership and Management

Institute of Conflict Management

Chartered Management Institute